How it works

How does OwnPass actually work? Is your data safely stored?

Private Cloud

OwnPass will be installed on your own servers. This way only you know where your data is stored. Only you control who has access to the data. As an extra layer of security you could run OwnPass behind a VPN so that only the people you trust have access to it.


OwnPass will store your data highly encrypted by using AES-256 encryption. All data you send to your own OwnPass server is first encrypted on the client side before it is sent over an internet line. Data encrypted with AES-256 is effectively impossible to decrypt.

Multiple Accounts

Using OwnPass with teams is no problem. One OwnPass server can contain multiple user accounts so that your entire team can benefit from password management. And don't worry, since all data is encrypted using a master password, only the users themselves can decrypt it.

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